Month: February 2020

Insurance fraud doesn’t work out for cop couple


They say it’s important for spouses to have shared interests. In the case of a Las Vegas couple making news this week, it’s police work, weightlifting, and committing disability and workers compensation fraud. Kenneth Henderson, a former Santa Clara, California, police officer who relocated to Las Vegas, was charged with […]

Five unexpected uses for your Amazon Echo


You probably use your Amazon Echo ($52 at Amazon) for playing music, powering on your smart home devices and making phone calls. But are you really using Alexa to its full potential when you’re only calling on it for the basics? After all, there are tons of things Alexa can […]

How sweet it is to have life insurance


Life insurance can be hip, and lovely. That’s the message the Life Insurance Corp. of India was aiming for when it arranged a Valentine’s Day-themed flash mob at a shopping mall in Kandivali East on Sunday, complete with dancers holding placards that read: “On this Valentine’s Day, gift your loved […]