American/Alaska alliance: Is it time to get an Alaska Airlines credit card?


Dear Cashing In,

I just read that Alaska Airlines is planning to join the alliance that American Airlines is in. I’ve only flown on Alaska Airlines a couple of times – but I’m wondering if I should get their credit card so I can use miles to fly on American. What do you think? – Sebastian

Dear Sebastian,

It’s true: On Feb. 13, 2020, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines announced a new alliance that would integrate more of their flights.

Typically, when airlines do this, it creates a more seamless experience for passengers as they gain the ability to share frequent flyer miles across different programs.

Passengers are also able to book tickets to destinations that can be served by the two airlines together. For instance, if you are flying between the East Coast and Fairbanks, Alaska, you would probably fly with both airlines – American would get you most of the way there and Alaska Airlines would finish the trip.

In regard to getting the Alaska Airlines credit card, this alliance (and future ones) could definitely open some travel doors – as long as you see yourself using it…Read more>>