How sweet it is to have life insurance


Life insurance can be hip, and lovely.

That’s the message the Life Insurance Corp. of India was aiming for when it arranged a Valentine’s Day-themed flash mob at a shopping mall in Kandivali East on Sunday, complete with dancers holding placards that read: “On this Valentine’s Day, gift your loved ones jeevan bhar ka saath,” according to The Indian Express.

(Translation: lifetime support.)

India’s top insurance company used the flash mob and six-hour dance party as part of its “insurance comes first” initiative; attempting to convince young workers that life insurance should come before all other investments, according to the article.

“It is important that people understand the importance of life insurance early in their life and make it a priority over other spending. Rhythm and beats (are) the best way to get the message across to youth,” a spokesperson with the company told The Indian Express.