How to get free shipping for the holidays


With so many people taking care of the bulk of their holiday shopping online each year, it’s crucial to secure free shipping when you can. Paid shipping options add up over time, after all, leaving you with less to spend on holiday gifts and everything else you buy at the end of the year.

Fortunately, a variety of stores offer free shipping if you meet certain requirements, or if you have a co-branded credit card. This guide goes over free shipping policies and some of the best tips that can help you save money on your holiday gift list this year.

Free shipping options by retailer

There are a multitude of ways to get free shipping with your favorite retailer: achieving status in their store loyalty program, making a purchase over a certain threshold, signing up for a store credit card, shipping your order to the store, taking advantage of a special promotion and more. Here’s a breakdown of the best ways to get free shipping with some top retailers:


Kohl’s makes it easy to save big on home decor, clothing, small household appliances and more thanks to their frequent sales and deals. Outside of special promotions, a Kohl’s card membership along with MVP status may be the way to ship with Kohl’s:

  • Free standard shipping on orders of $50 or more.
  • Sign up for the Kohl’s Charge card and spend $600 within a year to become a Most Valued Customer, or MVC. You’ll qualify for free shipping events, birthday sale events and other perks.
  • Buy certain items online and qualify for free shipping to the store.
  • Use the Kohl’s app to have an item shipped to your home for free if you can’t find it in-store.
  • Check for free shipping promo codes on and websites like…Read more>>