Insurance fraud doesn’t work out for cop couple


They say it’s important for spouses to have shared interests.

In the case of a Las Vegas couple making news this week, it’s police work, weightlifting, and committing disability and workers compensation fraud.

Kenneth Henderson, a former Santa Clara, California, police officer who relocated to Las Vegas, was charged with workers compensation fraud this week based on allegations he feigned injury for a disability retirement then continued a bodybuilding regimen. Meanwhile, his wife Mandy Henderson, a former Santa Clara County sheriff’s lieutenant, was convicted last year of similar crimes, the Mercury News reported Tuesday.

Prosecutors told reporters that suspicion fell on Mr. Henderson when his wife was investigated in 2018 for faking what she claimed were debilitating injuries to obtain disability leave in order to pursue her bodybuilding career.

Apparently, her husband shared that same dream: he was also caught working out at a local fitness facility when he claimed that lifting traffic cones in 2015 had rendered him disabled, according to other media reports.