What really makes a superior insurance claims service?


Ask the majority of insurance brokers and agents what they enjoy most about their profession and they will be quick to tell you that it is the satisfaction they feel when they are able to assist and deliver a positive and professional claim experience. The ultimate value of a program is to support the buyers’ needs and unique exposures and that value should extend itself to the service and subject matter expertise required to properly adjust claims.

The frustration of most agents is that most carriers deposit claims into a general claims department and push the claims into a “flow” adjuster with little or no complex specialty claims experience. It is only when the claim becomes more complicated over time that other more experienced claims personnel and lawyers get involved.

At Great American Alternative Markets, claims are assigned to a dedicated team based on the expertise of the claims professionals in the context of the program. The assigned adjuster creates the initial relationship with the claimant or insured and continues that relationship throughout the claims process.

Casualty claim supervisor Coleman Benvie maintains that “what makes Great American different from other program carriers is the tailored claim service we provide to our clients. We strive to be the best in the industry, and we live by that commitment every day.”

William Mattern, program manager at The Mahoney Group has maintained a long-standing relationship with Great American and stated that: “Great American goes above and beyond to provide us with the claims information we need and ensures that we receive it on a timely basis.  This includes assignment of claims, program loss runs, claim inquiries and detailed loss runs.”

There is no question that agents and Great American agree that communication is essential to a strong claims outcome.

“Doing what you tell the client you are going to do is vital,” states Gina Stille, casualty claims divisional assistant vice president with Great American Alternative Markets. “It is important to communicate throughout the claims process and to build a relationship with your insured so they trust you and feel like they are able to ask the appropriate questions.”

Great American, Alternative Markets is also committed to clear and transparent claims processes.  This model creates a sense of comfort for the insured, it offers consistency of expertise from one claim to the next. The dedicated claims teams are assigned so that the program has consistency in approach, coverage analysis and communication, and each claims team is aware of specialized claims procedures that are generally designed for programs. The agent or broker continues to play a valuable role in this process.

“Great American is one of the best companies I have ever worked with when it comes to setting reserves. Their adjusters clearly develop a complete understanding of the claim, as most claims close at or very near the set reserves,” states Mattern of The Mahoney Group.

The bottom line is that your program deserves a commitment.  At Great American Alternative Markets we make sure our adjusters have the customer service skills they need, along with the technical expertise for the claims they are handling.